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"The smilingly silvery voice is a pleasure in itself; but beyond that, she knows how to communicate: she savors the words and adjusts the vocal coloration to fit them, and she projects a contagious delight in conveying what they mean to her and what they meant to the composers who set them. And what a splendid group of songwriters she assembled! Using as an umbrella the theme “Four Faces of April,” she offered us Bernstein and Bellini, Rodrigo and Roussel, Purcell and Liszt, Guastavino and Hahn, all prefaced by Ms. Victoria with informally spoken “program notes” delightfully worthy of her singing. And, like the best recitalists, she introduced even the song-savvy in her audience to something new:" 

— Patrick Dillon, Opera News 


Planning for my junior and senior recitals under Dr. Victoria's guidance was an incredible experience! Instead of simply having us select random pieces to perform, Dr. Victoria required us to have a theme for our recitals that tied all of our repertoire together. This gave us students the opportunity to get creative and to give our recitals a personal touch, crafting a theme and repertoire that reflected our personality and interests. As a result, we became personally invested in our recitals, which made the performance more meaningful to us, and also to our audiences. Our recitals were no longer simply our chance to fulfill a degree requirement, but an opportunity to lead our audience through a deeply engaging, multi-faceted musical and personal experience.In my current profession as a choir director, I continue to draw on this approach that Dr. Victoria taught me.

— Jessica Schuster, Soprano and Choir Director 


I recently performed my senior recital at Franciscan University. I had the extreme pleasure of working with Dr. Jessica Victoria. Dr. Victoria has a gift for recognizing and critiquing any song. She has helped me prepare many different genres/languages of songs for my repertoire. No matter what song I was working on she was always familiar with the piece and extremely helpful. 

— David Forrester, Baritone 


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